Meet Our Team​

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Ed Keith

Construction Consultant

Ed Keith has spent most of his entire professional career in the construction industry. For 34 years, Ed served as superintendent and vice-president of construction for Cobblestone Homes. During this period, he oversaw the construction of numerous subdivisions in Sonoma County. Ed has vast experience in all facets of residential construction and often says "my greatest joy has been passing on my experience to my sons, Eric, Dave and Bill. When I look at how knowledgeable and successful they are, I feel glad to have made such a contribution to the Sonoma County construction community." Ed serves as Construction Consultant.


Dave Keith

Chief Executive Officer  

Chief Construction Officer


David Keith brings a lifetime of entrepreneurial spirit and marketing experience to Sonoma County Builders. He has been in the construction business since the age of 18, and operated heavy equipment setting trusses for Cobblestone Homes during summers. Dave attended CSU Sacramento, where he earned a B.A. in Economics. After college he was recruited by Shell Oil and advanced to the marketing management division. After 10 successful years with Shell, he realized he missed construction, and with his brother Eric, launched K2 Environmental which specialized in mold and water damage remediation. After growing the company into four locations, the brothers sold K2 upon receiving a generous offer from a national company. David's newest company, NorthBay Environmental, Inc., was started in 2011. Together with his father, Ed Keith, NBE has grown into the premier mold remediation company in Sonoma County. In 2015, NorthBay Environmental added residential remodeling, general construction services, and new home construction divisions. Discovering a new passion for residential building, David launched Sonoma County Builders in 2016.  

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Eric Keith

Chief Operating Officer


Eric Keith worked on and off with his family at Cobblestone Homes since the age of 16. He is a licensed general contractor with experience in all phases of residential construction. Eric’s unique and diversified resume includes six years active duty in the United States Marine Corps, where he served as an Infantry Marine (0311), Reconnaissance Marine (0321), and Navy-trained Recon SCUBA diver. After his service, Eric earned a BS in Biology at Sonoma State University, and then worked for Oregon Fish and Wildlife, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, and US Fish and Wildlife. In 1999, Eric started at Farmers Insurance as a property adjuster until he left to form K2 Environmental with his brother, David. In 2005, Eric became an Industrial Hygienist, specializing in mold, asbestos, and indoor air quality consulting.  Eric interfaces with insurance companies and lenders to coordinate and ensure efficient construction funding and scheduling. Eric also oversees all company operations.  

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Jesse Bradman

Business Manager & Compliance


Jesse has been a licensed California real estate broker for 15 years and holds a law degree with a specialization in real estate law. He has been involved in real estate investment for over 20 years including land development, rehabilitation of residential income properties and much more. At Sonoma County Builders, Jesse focuses on business development, marketing, client relations, sourcing/procurement of subcontractors, and assists with company administration and compliance requirements.